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Nonton Action Attrition (2018) Subtitle Indonesia

RGenre: Action
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Attrition (2018)

Nonton Action Attrition (2018) Subtitle Indonesia

Steven Seagal has called this his best movie in 20 years.  That’s probably an admission that most of his stuff in the 21st century hasn’t been too good.  To be the best he has done in 20 years, it would have to be better than Exit Wounds (it isn’t), but it’s probably better than anything since then, or at least level with any other DTV he has done.  Maximum Conviction or Half Past Dead are in the same league, but the point is, more effort than usual has been put into Attrition.

In southeast Asia, opium drug lord Qmom (Kang Yu) has his henchmen shake down a local pissant, and for his life he reveals the location of a mysterious woman with healing powers, Tara (Ting Sue).  As Qmom is a bit of a hermit with eye trouble, restraining him from daylight, he orders the girl kidnapped from her quiet village.  But elsewhere in the village is the elder Axe (Steven Seagal), leading the quiet life as a healer and running from a life of war fighting.  When Axe denies Tara’s frail father’s request to rescue the girl, the old man declares

Tagline: A story of kung fu and honor
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Country: , , ,
Language: 普通话, English

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